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Produce on the Go truck

Our local farmers produce more fresh produce than almost any other place in the world! Yet, most of our residents never taste or even see it! In fact, many Merced County communities are designated as “food deserts” or are economically depressed and have extremely high rates of diabetes, heart disease, colorectal cancer and obesity.

Since one of the goals of the Make Someone Happy Board of Directors is to improve the health and well-being of our residents, we decided to do something to help. Today, Produce on the Go is a reality and delivers healthy fruits, vegetables and dairy products to our communities seven days a week.  more...


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Trips to Sacramento with Foster Youth, Ages 16-21

Over 25 foster youth traveled by train to Sacramento to meet with Senator Anthony Cannella and Assemblyman Adam Gray.  more...

Friday Night Fun Events with Foster Youth, Ages 13-15.5

Foster Youth Halloween

Thanks to tremendous volunteers from both the Merced Soroptimist Club and UC Merced, Make Someone Happy works with the Merced County Human Services Agency (HSA) to provide delightful monthly events for younger foster youth from 13 to 15.5 years.  more...


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Unfortunately, our seniors are some of our most isolated and neglected community members. Many live alone and they do not want or know how to ask for help. Very often, they are too embarrassed or proud to ask. Our seniors are our parents and our grandparents and Make Someone Happy wants to reach out to each senior who struggles alone.  more...

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